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Key Component Upgrades

Key Component Upgrades For Specific Application Needs:

Forged Steel Crank

Used in hard use, severe duty applications for maximum durability and strength. May also be utilized in applications that require a front drive accessory to run at the same time… not to exceed 15KW / 22 HP. 

Forged Aluminum Flat Top Pistons

Alters the combustion chamber size to provide higher compression ratio. More efficient flame travel. More durable than hypereutectic.  Small amounts of material has been removed from the top of the piston to keep the valves from hitting the piston when the intake and exhaust valves are opening and closing.

I-Beam Connecting Rods

I-Beam Connecting Rods are utilized because they are stronger than “standard” powdered metal rods.  They support the additional load placed upon the forged steel crank more effectively. 

6.2L Additional Engineering For Increased Torque

The rotating and reciprocating assembly has been modified to increase the displacement to 6.2L by utilizing processes developed by General Motors™.  The higher displacement provides increased horsepower – and torque.  The result is the strongest most durable Small Block Industrial Engine in the Oil Patch today.

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