Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic Treatment Of Valves & Seats

The goal is for the life of the head to match the life of the engine.


• Valves & valve seats on both the intake & the exhaust are Nitrogen cooled to -183 Celsius (-298 Fahrenheit).


• Granular structure of valves & valve seats are realigned at the molecular level.  Impurities are “squeezed” out as the metal contracts.  


• Parts are machined to tighter tolerances because warp & distortion has been reduced.  Metal fatigue failures, cracking, and premature part wear are also reduced.  Critical tolerances are maintained longer.  The changes are permanent.


• Cryogenic treatment is the best solution in dry fuel applications for long term cylinder head reliability.  Depending upon the application, the life of the head is increased as much as 30-40%.  

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